Pernix equipment is a set of high level Ranged armour. Pernix armour pieces can be obtained as rare drops from Nex, the boss of the Zarosian stronghold of the God Wars Dungeon; the Ancient Prison. It is the Ranged companion armour set to Virtus equipment and Torva equipment, which are Magic and Melee sets, respectively. Pernix equipment is degradeable and can be repaired by using the pieces on the Weird Old Man .


  • 80 Defence
  • 80 Range
  • 80 Hitpoints

How to obtain

There are currently five methods to obtain a set of Pernix armour, which are listed below. For an accurate reading on the prices of Pernix and other armours please click here

  • A rare drop from Nex .
  • A rare drop from Pest Queen
  • Via AMP shop for credits.
  • Opening a mystery box.
  • A rare drop from boss monster, Nomad.
  • Alternatively, you can buy it from any other player who wishes to sell. Be sure to find out the price before buying to prevent from over-paying or being scammed.


Pernix, along with the other Nex armours, offer a HP boost depending on what piece(s) is/are worn. When all three pieces are worn, a maximum of 40 hitpoints are added  (400 if on x10) for a possible total of 139 (1390 if on x10) lifepoints. Pernix is the Ranged form of the Nex armours.


Combat Stats
Class Slot
Ranged Sets404
Bonus Attack Defence
Stab -20 +113
Slash -20 +87
Crush -20 +123
Magic -40 +131
Range +77 +111
Special bonuses
Strength -
Prayer +3
Full Pernix
A player wearing the pernix armour set

Note: This is the total of all Pernix armour pieces (Pernix cowl, Pernix body and Pernix chaps)


  • Pernix body, and its Nex counterparts, are some of the strongest available armours (Outside dungeoneering).
  • The Pernix Hood currently has a glitch in, which appears to make the wearer bald.

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