This will be part of a series of pages explaining many of the different styles and strategies of Pking in SoulSplit.


This page will cover the Strength pure, who focuses on high strength, mid attack, and low defense. Strength Pures can vary in Combat levels:

Listed as (Attack/Strength/Defense/Prayer)


Combat 68 = (60/85/2/23) (most effective in my opinion)

Combat 71 = (60/85/2/45)

Combat 77 = (60/99/2/45)
Combat 82 = (75/99/2/45) (for godswords and whips)

Pick a combat in the bracket you wish to fight in.

Iron scimitar inv

Strength pures have arguably the biggest aresenal of weaponry of any Pk style in Soulsplit. These weapons can be grouped into two categories, main weapons and KO weapons (or finishers); feel free to experiment with whatever combination of weapons that works best for you and your levels.

Main Weapon: Dragon scimitar, Chaotic rapier, Vestas Longsword, Abyssal whip


A high level, 99 hit, dragon claw KO

KO Weapon: Granite maul, Dragon dagger,  Bandos godsword, Armadyl godsword, Obby Maul, Vestas Spear, and Dragon claws,

Any combination of Main/KO can be effective as a Strength Pure

What to bring/wear

As a strength pure, what you wear in terms of armor is limited. Here are a couple armor setups Strength Pures can wear:

Robe Top, Robe Bottom, Magic Hat, Strength Ammy, Unholy Book (if using 1 handed main weapon)

This setup provides high magic defense to beat/antirush Mages. This is a common setup among most strength pures

Full Iron, Strength Ammy, Iron Kiteshield (if using 1 handed main weapon)

This setup provides ranged and melee defense, however mages will decimate you.


An ideal inventory


Main Wep (Equipped)

Dragon claws
KO Wep (Inventory)

How to Fight

Go out and look for people, either by rushing or asking a potential target "Fight?" or "Gl?". If they agree or start attacking back, pot up and hit, eating as necassary. 

To score a kill, wait for the enemy health to drop below 50%, then, if your main wep hits hard (20+) after dropping them to 50%, swap to your KO weapon and spec (or just attack if using weapons that don't require a spec, like an obby maul). If you land the 20+ main attack and a high spec, you should kill your target (Note: hitting high back to back is known as Combo'/Combo-ing).

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