Player Killing, also known as PKing, is a very populated activity on Soulsplit. The main goal of PKing is to kill other players, loot their items after a killing blow, and get Wilderness Points (WP). These WPs can be spent at the WP Shop, located at Edgeville.

Locations and Regions

The main location for PKing is currently Edgeville, primarily because of the close bank proximity. When crossing the Wilderness Ditch, the player is only protected from getting damage when standing next to the ditch. When moving further, the player will be exposed to any kind of damage.

The Mage Bank is a semi-popular location for high-level PKing and is at the deepest Wilderness level.

The Edgeville wilderness contains 4 different regions:

  • High Level region
  • Low Pure region
  • Dharok and Pure regions
  • Rushing regions

Types of PKing

PKing is a short name for all types of player killing. Here are some types:

  • DPS (Rune armour, Chaotic equipment and special weapon)
  • Hybrid (Magic gear, combined with melee gear and some protecting gear)

Also, Lunar magic and Curse prayers are some main things to understand, and when to use it.

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