Prince Brand
Prince brand
Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? No
Appears in Lumbridge, Lunar Isle
Gender Male
Sells items? Capes
Examine text It's a Prince Brand.
Prince Brand is the max level cape, the Dungeoneering Master cape and completionist cape merchant. He sells capes that can only be bought if the player has met the required levels to buy one. He can be found roaming around at the Lumbridge general store and across from the Lunar Isle bank. The capes' cost depends on the game mode you are currently on. For example, if you are on the Extreme game mode, it will cost you 50M (50,000,000) coins to buy the Max cape. If you are on the Sir game mode,  the Max cape will cost you 1B (1,000,000,000) coins. 


Prince Brand stock

Cape Pricing

Extreme Mode

Extreme Mode Brand


Legends Mode

Prince Brand stock


  • Unlike other merchants, Prince Brand does not have an official shop window.
  • Currently players on the game mode Sir cannot buy the Dungeoneering master cape. If a player tries to buy it anyway, a text box will pop-up with the following message:Insufficient privileges. It can only be bought by players who are on the game mode Lord or higher. 

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