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Ragefire boots
Ragefire boots icon
AKA? Ragefires
Members? No
Quest items? No
Tradeable? Yes
Stackable? No
Credit Price? 2,999
Examine text It's some ragefire boots.

Ragefire boots are commonly regarded as one of the best Magic based boots in Soulsplit. Ragefire boots are typically used by wealthy players. 

Combat Stats
Class Slot
Magic Boots slot
Bonus Attack Defence
Stab +0 +3
Slash +0 +4
Crush +0 +5
Magic +10 +3
Range +0 +0
Special bonuses
Strength +0
Prayer +0
Ragefire equipped

How to ObtainEdit


Ragefire Boots require 75 Defence and 75 Magic to wield.

Comparision Edit

Compared to Infinity boots, Ragefire boots are the better option stats-wise. However, Infinity boots are are much cheaper and so may prefer to use Infinity boots instead.

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