Raw shark
Raw shark
Members? No
Tradeable? Yes
Stackable? No
Equipment: Harpoon
FishingFishing level: 76
CookingCooking level: 80
Examine text It's a raw shark.

Raw Shark large

Raw shark are a large, high level type of fish. Raw shark give a considerable amount of experience per catch and are often caught from level 76-81 Fishing (or even higher in some cases). Oddly enough, raw shark supplies less fishing experience per catch than Raw Monkfish do, even though sharks require a higher level of Fishing to catch. Shark can be caught with a Harpoon at a 'Harpoon' fishing spot. Cooking a raw shark at level 80 Cooking produces a Shark and they can be burnt regardless of the Cooking level.

Fishing Locations

Experience Table

Sir Knight Lord Legend Extreme
55,000 xp 16,500 xp 5,500 xp 550 xp 110 xp

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