Redberry pie detail

The redberry pie heals 100 life points when a slice is consumed. Like all pies, it is consumed in two parts. Therefore, one pie heals a total of 200 life points.

The Redberry Pie is a famous food of Soulsplit because it is a vital object for the Undead Riot quest!

Getting the Redberries

100px-Redberry seed detail

a redberry seed

Requirements : 

  • 10 Farming 
  • Some GP to buy suplies

First of all you will need to buy some supplies from Olivia or a Tool Leprechaun in Catherby.                              

You will need to buy the following items:

  • A Seed Dibber
  • A Rake
  • Super Compost

You will also need Redberry seeds. These can be bought from Vannaka the Slayer Master for 1 Slayer Point each. Buy about 5 seeds.

Next, you will need a Bush allotment to plant the seeds. One can be found South-West of Varrock, right by the Champion's Guild.

Redberry bush

redberry bush

Once the Redberries are planted and grown, harvest them, and you should now have some Redberries.

Cooking the Pie

Using the Skills teleports then selecting the Catherby town, run east till you reach the fishing store with Clause the chef and Bob. Conduct a trade with Claus and buy:

  • Pie dish
  • Pot of flour
  • Bucket of water

Use the Flour and water together and select pastry dough. Using the pastry dough on the pie dish will make the pie shell. Put the berries into the pie shell to make uncooked berry pie. Upon cooking it on a range or stove, the uncooked Redberry pie turns into the Redberry pie.