Rellekka rock crabs
Members Area? No
Amount of Banks 1
Amount of Altars 0
Points of Interest Dining hall, Slayer master, Training location
Accessibility Training Teleports > Rock Crabs
Rellekka Map

Rellekka is a city in the Northern part of Soulsplit. Rellekka's main attraction to players is the large amount of rock crabs that low level players are able train on with ease. There are also areas to train Thieving, Fishing, and to complete a Quest that allows players to fish solely rocktails.

Points of Interest

  • You start the Rellekan Dispute quest by speaking to Mayor Hobb inside of the dining hall, near the marketplace.
  • Lower levels are usually seen on the coast killing rock crabs because they provide great experience but are usually crowded.
  • One may also find a Slayer master found just South of the teleport location, which proves to actually be the most accessible location for a Slayer master (excluding players who have their home teleport set to Lumbridge).
  • A banker can be found in the Southern area of the Rellekkan marketplace, making Rellekka a convenient location to train fishing.
  • Fish stalls located in the Eastern part of the marketplace can be thieved at 83 Thieving.


  • There are rock crabs located to the East of the log fence that divides the entire Eastern side of Rellekka; one may access these rock crabs by running south until the gate ends and run back North, following the gate whilst on the East side.
  • Many make the mistake of spelling Rellekka as "Relleka", missing an extra "k". This typo is evident in the quest name Rellekan Dispute.

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