Gathering Skills

These are skills that consists of ways to obtain raw materials needed for another skill. They include:

For more information, click on the individual skill.

Artisan Skills

These are basically skills that use materials obtained from Gathering Skills, normally to benefit one's self or others, the raw materials used in these skills benefit a player in several ways. These skills include:

The following are linked in many ways as one skill depends or has a possibility to depend on another skill.

Woodcutting= Firemaking, Fletching, Cooking.

Mining= Smithing, Crafting.

Fishing= Cooking.

Farming= Woodcutting, Herblore.

Hunter= Fletching (soon), Cooking.

Other Skills

This includes: Agility, Slayer and Thieving. These can greatly benefit a player depending on the situation.

Thieving at the moment has no benefits, but with future updates to come, it won't be nothing but another 99.

Agility, extremely helpful in the the working short cuts on Soulsplit, especially in Slayer related areas.

Slayer, having a decent slayer level enables you to attack monsters some players may not have access to if they do not have the slayer level required. It is the most important skill when it comes to Soul Wars if you desire winning. So far, the most profitable slayer monsters are Jungle Strykewyrms and Desert Strykewyrms.

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