Revenant dark beasts are the third strongest revenant, only being beaten by the Revenant knight and Revenant dragon. Some argue that the Revenant dark beast is stronger than the Revenant knight, but this is not true because the Revenant dark beast has a lower max hit and lower hp. Few PKers hunt near the revenant dark beasts, but this does not mean that a PKer will not come at any given moment, so remain careful.


Revenant dark beasts are not hard to kill as long as you have the Protect from Magic prayer and a decent Ranged level. It is recommended to have a Ranged level of 65 or higher before taking them

Helmet: Veracs/Neitiznot/Karil's coif/Archer helm

Body: Karils/Black d'hide/

Legs: Rune/Dragon/Karil's skirt/Verac skirt/Black d'hide

Boots: Rune boots/Dragon boots/Snakeskin boots

Amulet: Glory/Fury

Ring: Ring of wealth/Berserker/Archer

Ammo: Mithril/Adamant/Diamond bolts (e)/Rune/Dragon bolts (e)

Weapon: Rune c'bow/Chaotic crossbow/Magic shortbow/dragon scimitar/Abyssal whip/Chaotics

There are better possible setups, such as Nex armor or hybrid, but high-end gear is not recommended, as revenants are not difficult to take down.


Revenant dark beasts are located in various spots in the Wilderness. The easiest way to get to them is southwest of the Greater Demons teleport via the Edgeville Coffins.


Coming soon!

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