Ring of wealth detail
Ring of wealth
Members? No
Quest items? No
Tradeable? Yes
Stackable? No
Examine text It's a Ring of Wealth.

The Ring of Wealth, often referred to as a RoW by players, is a ring that increases the chance of receiving a rare drop from the universal drop pool. A common misconception among players is that it can be created by enchanting a Dragonstone Ring; this is not the case, because a Dragonstone can be bought cheaply from Bob's Skilling Store. This, in turn, would devalue the Ring of wealth and turn it into a commodity item not traded but highly used amongst players, like the Amulet of Strength.


When equipped in the Ring slot, the Ring of wealth increases the chance of receiving a rare drop from the universal drop pool.

When obtaining a rare drop using the Ring of Wealth, the following message will appear: Ring of wealth message

How to obtain

The primary source of Rings of Wealth in Soulsplit is from the Slayer Reward Shop for 100 Slayer Points. Alternatively, one can buy them from other players who have excess Slayer Points or wish to make a quick profit from Slayer tasks.


  • The Ring of Wealth gives the message that one has received a rare when one gets anything on the list of rare items (rare drop table).

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