Monster Information
Attack Style Melee
Members? No
Combat level 29
Monster HP 22
Always Drops Unknown edit
Aggressiveness No
Slayer Monster? Yes
Weakness? Unknown edit
Approximate Capture Kills 60
Capture Requirements Summoning-iconUnknown edit
Hunter-iconUnknown edit
Examine text The slime of evil.

Rockslugs are relatively weak creatures with lots of hitpoints for their low level. They are often killed for Slayer tasks since their drops are fairly worthless. Since rockslugs rarely (if at all) hit anything, one can bring minimal armor and weapon if they don't have any high level gear. Every attack style is effective against rockslugs.


Rockslugs are located in the mid level slayer dungeon. One can get there by choosing dungeon teleport spell in their spellbooks, then clicking (more...) and choosing slayer dungeon. After that, select the mid level option and run all the way to the back.

Drop List

Item Quantity Rarity
Earth runeEarth rune 42 2 Common
Rune essenceRune essence 1 2 Common
Tin oreTin ore 1 2 Common
Copper oreCopper ore 1 2 Common
Bronze barBronze bar 1 2 Common
Iron oreIron ore 1 2 Common
Iron barIron bar 1 2 Common
CoalCoal 1 2 Common
Potato seedPotato seed 4 2 Common
Onion seedOnion seed 4 2 Common
Cabbage seedCabbage seed 4 2 Common
HammerHammer 1 2 Common
Dwarven stoutDwarven stout 1 2 Common
Chaos runeChaos rune 5 4 Rare
Mithril oreMithril ore 1 4 Rare
Tomato seedTomato seed 3 4 Rare
Sweetcorn seedSweetcorn seed 3 4 Rare
Strawberry seedStrawberry seed 2 4 Rare
CoinsCoins 279 4 Rare
Mystic glovesMystic gloves 1 4 Rare

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