Simple as possible, but hopefully extremely useful.

This guide will show you where to go if you have difficulties with Runecrafting.

Start by teleporting to Edgeville with the rune essence

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Follow the path of the arrows to the Runecrafting Mage

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You will see a river, go north along it (you will be in the wilderness)
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It will eventually end, look north and there is the mage

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Click teleport on him to go to the abyss.

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Once in the abyss go clock-wise or counter-clock-wise (the option I chose in the pictures) until you see the "go through passage option" on one of the tunnels

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You will not be squeezing through anything since you've been eating too many pizza rolls, sorry

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Yes Use Me!

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Once you squeeze through the altars are on the walls surrounding the shiny-spinny-thing , which you can't click on, in the middle.
The altars are located along the walls of the tunnels

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Crafting runes

Player Crafting Runes

Considering no one had this posted, I hope young runecrafters find this useful.

Thanks "Yumitus" for taking the time to show me, everyone pm him thank you when you see him on in game.

Thanks to Pizza Rolls