Scroll of Rigour
Scroll of rigour
AKA? Rigour Scroll
Members? No
Quest items? No
Tradeable? No
Stackable? No
Credit Price? 4,999
Examine text It's a scoll of rigour.
The Scroll of rigour is a reward from Dungeoneering. You may purchase one for 140,000 tokens from the Dungeoneering master found north of Lumbridge and in Varrock palace. By reading the scroll, you will unlock the Rigour prayer, which requires 74 Dungeoneering and Prayer  to activate.

Players should take note that Rigour is the highest Tier in Ranged prayers possible, it gives a bonus over ranged potions as well, so therefore, the highest theoretical ranged level is roughly 146.7 giving a massive advantage to players whom use it's bonus

Stats + Info

The Rigour prayer boosts Ranged by 25% and Defence by 20%. The prayer is used by many rangers in PvM and PvP. The current item image of the Scroll of rigour is bugged and is a tan rectangle.


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