A Shield is a PROTECTIVE piece of equipment that occupies the off-hand slot. A
Rune Kite
shield adds extensive bonuses that can add to the defensive and prayer stats when wielded. However, shields hinder the ability to use any form of two-handed weaponry. Most shields require at least a specific defence in order to equip them.

Shields come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from Wooden shield shield to Chaotic kiteshield/Blessed Spirit shields. There are two different types of shields that a player can make from smithing metal bars, Kiteshields and Square shields.

Most shields are fairly simple to get, whether it being made or from drops, there is always a way to receive any type of shield.

Shields such as Blessed spirit shields can be obtained by either Voting or doing the skill Dungeoneering.

Icon Name Requirements
Elysian spirit shield

Elysian spirit shield

Defence 75          Prayer-icon  75
Divine spirit shield
Divine spirit shield Defence 75          Prayer-icon 75
Arcane spirit shield
Arcane spirit shield Defence 75          Prayer-icon 75
Spectral spirit shield
Spectral spirit shield Defence 60          Prayer-icon 75
Dfs icon
Dragonfire shield Defence 75
Dragon defender Defence 60            Attack 60

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