Shilo Village is a small settlement, deep within the jungles of Karamja. Given the dangers of the island, it is little surprise that the villagers have chosen to protect themselves with a wall that extends around the whole of the village. The only point of entrance is in the east, where a series of gates and barricades keep a horde of the undead from overrunning the town. The undead have apparently been sent by the Zombie Queen, Rashiliyia, and the village desperately needs help to save its citizens from all being killed and raised again to stalk the living through the jungles. It is accessible to everyone and can be accessed through the "City teleports" option in your spellbook on the third page. 

What will you find when you visit Shilo Village?

Without the NPC's being coded into Shilo Village, the main attraction would have to be the gemstone mine located in the north west corner of the village. 

Shilo Village GemMine

Shilo Mine

There are 7 rocks located here. You need a mining level of 40 to mine them.


Shilo Village lies in the southern half of Karamja straddling the river; it also marks the last human settlement before reaching the Kharazi Jungle. North of the village is Tai Bwo Wannai, where the tribal traditions of Karamja are maintained and a great deal of knowledge about the island is stored. Travelling further, to the extreme north of Karamja, adventurers will come to Brimhaven, the town of pirates and sailors from around RuneScape. To the west is Cairn Isle and, across the oceans, the ogre-ridden lands of the Feldip Hills. To the south-east is the Herblore Habitat.

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