Sir Kay
Sir Kay
Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? No
Gender Male
Sells items? No
Examine text One of the Knights of the Round Table.

Sir Kay is an NPC located south of the Lumbridge Yaks training area and in Falador Park. In order to set an account security pin, players must visit Sir Kay and enter the code they wish to secure their account with. Sir Kay also supplies players with a magical orb, which, once activated, will give players tips and advice on money making, skilling, navigation and commands.

Account Security

An important part of playing Soulsplit is knowing the value of account security. By setting a PIN, players who login with a new IP address are required to enter a set pin (after visiting Sir Kay). Once a PIN is set, a player may not do anything but logout or select the I don't know it option from the PIN interface. Having a PIN is vital in maintaining items and stats after being hacked and is a very smart defense against having your account compromised.

PIN Interface

The account security PIN interface.

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