Skeletal Wyvern
Monster Information
Also called Wyvern
Attack Style Melee, Magic
Members? No
Combat level 140
Monster HP 200
Always Drops Wyvern bones
Aggressiveness Yes
Slayer Monster? Yes
Weakness? Unknown
Approximate Capture Kills 452
Capture Requirements Summoning-icon80
Examine text A very dangerous pile of animated wyvern bones.

Skeletal wyverns are NPC's located in the high level Slayer dungeon. They are a high level Slayer task but are commonly killed for their bones. The Skeletal Wyvern used to be a very popular monster to capture as it was highly effective to use in the minigame Soul Wars. It is much more common to find players using Frost Dragons, Borks, or King Black Dragons now.


Locate the Dungeon teleport in the spellbook, click 'next' until Slayer Dungeon is visible, click it and then select 'High level dungeon'. Wyverns are located South-East from the teleport spot.


Skeletal Wyverns require an Elemental shield or Slayer helmet equipped in order to attack them. Players can acquire both the Elemental shield and Slayer helmet from Vannaka, located near the Lumbridge yaks; one of the Training Locations

Fighting Tactic

When fighting a Skeletal wyvern, the recommended gear is anything that is high in Magic defence (Karils/Black d'hide, Armadyl, Pernix or Void). Wyverns are usually crowded, so it is recommended to change worlds for the best killing experience. Another extremely effective method for fighting wyverns is wearing a slayer helmet which negates the requirement of having to wear an elemental shield meaning you can use a dragonfire shield.


  • Wyvern Bones are the second best bones for Prayer experience in the game, just behind Frost Dragon Bones.

Drop List

Item Quantity Rarity
Wyvern bonesWyvern bones 1 1 Always
Mithril swordMithril Sword 1 2 Common
Pure essencePure essence 60 2 Common
Death runeDeath Runes 10 2 Common
Chaos runeChaos Runes 10 2 Common
Law runeLaw Runes 10 2 Common
Soul runeSoul Runes 10 2 Common
Water runeWater Runes 60 2 Common
Air runeAir Runes 60 2 Common
Blood runeBlood Runes 10 2 Common
Rune boltsRune bolts 10 2 Common
Adamant boltsAdamant bolts 10 2 Common
Mithril boltsMithril bolts 5 2 Common
Granite legsGranite legs 1 4 Rare
Draconic visageDraconic visage 1 4 Rare

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