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There are many Slayer NPC's that are assigned to kill for a slayer task. (click here to learn how to start a slayer task) 

This guide will show you what NPCs can be found, their difficulty, and their locations. 

The best slayer training locations are the slayer dungeon and the slayer tower. Other different monsters assigned will be found in other locations such as Brimhaven dungeon.

Some of these require certain items.

(ctrl+F) To find the monster you want.

How to get to the main slaying dungeons

  • Slayer dungeon

​- Open spell book

- Choose, "dungeon teleport"

- More ---> Slayer dungeon. (there are different levels, scroll down for more informations.

  • Slayer tower

- Open spell book

- Choose "training teleports"

- Slayer tower.

  • Brimhaven dungeon

You will need a games necklace (bought from Giles, Niles, Miles)

  • Taverly dungeon

You will need a games necklace (bought from Giles, Niles, Miles)

Slayer dungeon (low level)

Normally easy slayer tasks monsters are located on that floor.

- Monster level Location
Grizzly bear 21 Entrance
Oomlie bird 46 West
Cave bug 6 North West
Giant spider 27 South West
Moss giant 42 South
 Scorpion 14 East
 Cave crawlers 23 North
 Werewolf 93 North East
 Cave slime 23 North East
 Guard dog 44 North East
 Dwarf 10 East
Ghost 19 South East
 Wolf 64 East
 Monkey zombie 98 South East
 Zombie 24 East
 Skeleton 25 South West

Slayer dungeon (mid level)

- Monster level Location
Killerwatt 55 West
 Basilisk 61 South West
Cockatrice 37 South West
 Desert Lizard 24 South
 Vampyre 72 South East
 Troll 69 South East
 Ice Troll 123 South East
 Ogre 53 East
 Mogre 60 East
 Pyrefiend 43 East
 Shadow Warrior 48 East
Loar Shade 40 East
 Jelly 78 North East
 Earth Warrior 51 North East
Elf warrior 90 North
Ice giant 53 North
 Ghouls 42 East

Slayer dungeon (high level)

- Monster level Location
 Crocodile 63 West
 Harpie Bug Swarm 46 North
Kurask 106 East
 Skeletal Wyvern 140 South West
Fever spider 49 South
 Turoth 89 South East

Slayer tower

- Monster level Location
Aberrant spectre 96 Second floor (nose peg required)
Abyssal demon 124 Top floor

Taverly dungeon

- Monster level
 Skeleton 25
Ghost 19
 Bat/Giant Bat 27
 Chaos Druid 13
 Magic Axe/ Animated Axe 42
Chaos Dwarf 48
 Lesser Demons 82
 Baby Blue Dragon 48
 Blue Dragon 111
 Black Demons 172
 HellHounds 122
Black Dragon 227

Brimhaven dungeon

- Monster


Moss Giant 42
 Fire Giant 86
 Black Demon 172
 Red Dragon 109
Bronze Dragon 131
Iron Dragon 189
Steel Dragon      246
250px-Greater demon
Greater demons  92

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