Smithing training

If you mine your own ores you can gain Mining xp before you start your Smithing adventures. After having mined them you can then use them on a furnace, most commonly the one located at South Neitiznot. This will result in you having Bars which can be used on an Anvil. When using bars on an anvil it is important to remember to make whatever gives the most experience (unless you are smithing for money).

Starting out

You will have to start Smithing training by making bronze bars, depending on your mode this can be a very quick way to level up or the very start of your journey. After making the bronze bars you will then want to use the bars on an anvil and create knives or nails. These offer the most xp per bar whereas bodies or legs will give you more gp back. 


Bars Level Required Components
Bronze-bar Bronze 1 Copper ore Copper ore,  Tin ore Tin ore
Iron-bar  Iron 15 Iron ore Iron ore
Silver barSilver 20 Silver ore Silver ore
Steel bar Steel 30 Iron ore Iron ore , Coal Coal x2 
Gold bar Gold 40 Gold ore Gold ore
Mithril-bar Mithril 50 Mithril ore Mithril ore
Adamant-bar Adamant 70 Adamant ore Adamant ore
Rune-bar Rune 85 Runite ore Rune ore

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