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Soulsplit is a RuneScape private server with an endless amount of playable content. It satisfies everyone from the monster killing community to the player killing community. Soulsplit brings you back to the enjoyable era of pre-EoC combat and features a great community that not many can accurately claim.

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Soulsplit News


Staff Updates

  6th March2015:
  • Ripper89 has been promoted from Helper to Moderator.
  • Zerker E X T has been promoted from Player to Moderator.
  • Qdizzle has been promoted from Player to Helper.

  26th February 2015:

  • xLewisss Has been promoted from Helper to Moderator​.

25th February 2015:

  • Pur3 Legends has resigned from Helper to Player​.

22nd February 2015:

  • Pur3 Legends has been promoted from Player to Helper.
  • Eadamopoulos has been promoted from Player to Helper.
  • Psy Gangnam has been promoted from Player to Helper.
  • Blackbird V has resigned from Helper to Player.

16th February 2015:

  • xLewisss has been promoted from Player to Helper.

9th February 2015:

  • Final Date has been promoted from Moderator to Global Moderator.

In-Game Updates

  3rd March 2015:

ZMI Altar!(This has reduced the Old RC Rate to 10x RS)

  • Can be accessed by the skills teleport options
  • Random chance of receiving a runecrafting staff. (Combine a talisman with these to get a talisman staff), Occasionally provides 2x runes & xp at the corresponding altar of the staff type.
  • Rate is 20x RS.
  • Blood altar is now accessible from both its altar location & abyss

Resource Dungeons(Members Only)

  • There are nearly 13 Availabe resource dungeons in the same exact spot as RS.
  • Frost dragons have been transfered to their cave, although 1 still remains in the members cave.
  • Not every dungeon has their REAL monsters, some have brand new ones!

Zaryte bow adjustment:

  • Special now will work properly.
  • Range strength has been buffed slightly.
  • Special attack has been changed.
    • Damage is now 10-120% your max hit, with 10 damage being the minimum hit.
    • Requires 90% of the spec bar.

Bugs patched:

  • Fletching xp rates
  • Fletching faster by reClicking
  • Crafting X now works with hides
  • BoB familiars now allow you to withdraw correctly
  • You cannot recall a familiar if its standing next to you (Performance reasons).
  • Familiars will now only show the inventory they are able to carry (The rest will still be there when a bigger BOB is summoned)
  • Abyssal Titans can now store pure ess (Only familiar that can atm)
  • TD's now spawn with mage protection.
  • Various Item requirements & stats have been fixed
  • Ork Legions will now spawn correctly when called.
  • Bork will correctly hit low damage through protection prayers.
  • Dark bow now has its correct attack speed (8 Ticks)
  • Dark bow now correctly works on rapid attack Style
  • Maple Longbow sighted can now fire arrows.
  • Obsidian & Abyssal charms now drop more frequently
  • Various Drop tables have been adjusted to be more profitable, removing small amount drops.
  • Bartenders have been added to the varrock pub to give beer.
  • Castlewars changes have been implemented to fix bugs.
  • Body altar will now teleport you to the correct location

Boss Pets:

  • Godwars Generals & Nex
  • Kbd
  • KQ
  • Nomad
  • Pest Queen
  • Corp
  • Bork
  • DK Kings

Slayer Rework:

  • 3 new dungeons. (2 new Mini bosses)
  • New slayer monsters can be found in the dungeons & across the world.
  • New slayer reward shops
  • Team slayer has had a rework to be more inline with the idea of Team Slayer

New Teleports:

  • Meiyerditch Dungeon (Members)
  • Braindeath Island(Members)
  • Hill Giants (Training)
  • Karajam Volcanoe (Training)

Burnt Chest

  • Warm key Dropped by fire giants & dust devils.
  • Gives some D Stones, & coins.

Summoning XP Rates Adjusted: (These are considered a Combat Skill)

  • Gold: 10xp
  • Green: 12 xp
  • Crimson: 14 xp
  • Abyssal 13 xp
  • Blue: 16 xp
  • Obsidian 15 xp

Summary of New Items:

  • Runecrafting staffs
  • Blood talisman & tiara
  • Brine sabre
  • Brackish Blade
  • Colored Dark Bows
  • Colored Abyssal Whips
  • Seared Ashes
  • Ancient bones
  • MORE! Which i cant really remember!


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