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Soulsplit is a RuneScape private server with an endless amount of playable content. It satisfies everyone from the monster killing community to the player killing community. Soulsplit brings you back to the enjoyable era of pre-EoC combat and features a great community that not many can accurately claim.

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Soulsplit News

 Staff updates:

Promotions - [6/27/14]:

  • Get Summ3d and Envoys have been promoted from Jr. Forum Moderator to Forum Moderator.

Resignation - [6/24/14]

  • D N Y S has resigned from Manager.

Game updates - [06/20/2014]:

  • Accuracy formula for all attack types re-examined, armour should have more of an impact [Please note this is not the completed product]
  • Maximum hits have been modified to be more realistic with stats and have been globally boosted by 10%.
  • Adjusted Guthans Special Chance to 10%, Changed Dragon Scimitar Special attack to 55%
  • Members cave should be accessible again
  • Freezing upon entering wilderness removed
  • Bronze bar smithing fixed
  • Renevants attack range lowered
  • Spear specials should now function better
  • Random retaliation facing when attacked removed
  • Random gfx when casting spells removed.
  • Player kills directly effecting item bonuses removed
  • Friends and Ignore lists sync across all worlds
  • A bug where it would say you are logged in when you weren't has been fixed
  • Overall clan chat & PMing performance improvements
  • Promised Runecrafting Armour is now in-game.
  • Wyverns now use It's Icy Breath Correctly, Use of Dragonfire shield or a elemental Shield required now.
  • Jad & many NPCs now use their full range of attacks.


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