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Soulsplit is a RuneScape private server with an endless amount of playable content. It satisfies everyone from the monster killing community to the player killing community. Soulsplit brings you back to the enjoyable era of pre-EoC combat and features a great community that not many can accurately claim.

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Soulsplit News

 Staff updates:

25th August 2014


Dat Molly has resigned from Helper to Player.

24th August 2014


Stxrm has been promoted from Player to Jr. Forum Moderator.


Littlee has been demoted from Jr. Forum Moderator to Player.

Collerkar76 has been demoted from Jr. Forum Moderator to Player.


Karil Votek has resigned from Administrator to Player.

22th August 2014

Resignation: Jackie has resigned from Forum Administrator to Player.

21th August 2014

Resignation: Commander Z has resigned from Moderator to Player.

17th August 2014

Promotions: Collerkar76 has been promoted from player to Junior Forum Moderator.

Littlee has been promoted from player to Junior Forum Moderator.

Game Updates 15th August 2014


  • Skillcape emotes can no longer be performed while using an obstacle.
  • Extreme energy loss will no longer occur


  • Now spawn with the correct health
  • Aggressive range changed to two tile lengths
  • Teleblock chance reduced to 4%, Teleblocks should be carried out by renevants level 90 and above.
  • Teleblock timer is now @ 60/33 seconds respectively.

Tormented Demons

  • Now in the true tormented lair
  • Can now fight at a distance rather than only using melee.

Also to be noted:

  • Teleblock now lasts for 5 minutes without protect from magic, and 2.5 minutes while using protect from magic.
  • You can no longer pickpocket your mastered NPC
  • Resetting your title will now properly update your character
  • You can no longer send blank messages ingame or in a clan chat
  • Can now use Degraded items on Bob in south Neitz.
  • Removed repair Barrows option on Wierd old man. (you now use items on him)
  • Fixed 500 kills requirement for The Completionist title
  • Fixed incorrect minigame armour requirement for the Overlord tag
  • The price of the clan tag is now visible and will show an error when you don't have enough loyalty points to purchase the tag.
  • All players can now purchase a clan tag, regardless of their player tag.
  • Messages that appear when you kill someone will now capitalize the user's name
  • Players who purchased 'The Completionist' title when it had bugged requirements will be refunded with 27500 loyalty points and their title will be removed upon login (only if they don't fit the new requirements
  • Added staff of light, combat robes, and battle robe effects.
  • Fixed a few problems with unaggressive npcs.
  • Fixed non-wildy familiars bug.


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