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Soulsplit is a RuneScape private server with an endless amount of playable content. It satisfies everyone from the monster killing community to the player killing community. Soulsplit brings you back to the enjoyable era of pre-EoC combat and features a great community that not many can accurately claim.

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Soulsplit News


Staff Updates

  12th April 2015:
  • Xlewisss has resigned from Moderator to Player.

8th April 2015:

  • Skorchh has been promoted from Player to Helper.
  • Eadamopolous has been promoted from Helper to Moderator.

4th April 2015:

  • Extreme Nick has been demoted from Moderator to Player.

In-Game Updates

Hello everyone! Today's update is a huge update that I am so glad to bring you!

Mod Jony has been working hard for Team Dungeoneering for a long time now, and the Advisors have done a good job of testing it and preparing it for release. So thank you to both Mod Jony and the Advisors for this update!

 Team Dungeoneering Team Dungeoneering introduces a lot of new features and abilities that you have never seen before in SoulSplit. These features include but are not limited to:​*Get the ring from the Dungeoneering master in Lumbridge

  • Ability to create a party and invite up to 5 players to explore the dungeons
  • Full control of your own party
  • 3 maps to start exploring
  • 3 different bosses with their own strategy
  • 3 different difficulties
  • Designed to be played by a team
    • And for all types of players, whether it's pures, maxed, new players, etc
  • Dungeoneering shop
  • Duungeoneering chesting "team bank"
  • Each room has it's own type
    • Guardian Rooms - Clear the room you're in first in order to advance to the guardian room
    • Skill Rooms - Have the skill level the room requires to unlock the room
    • Regular Rooms - No conditions to unlock
    • Boss Rooms - Unlock ALL rooms in the dungeon
  • Chest system, A.K.A. "Team Bank"
    • Any items that don't fit in your inventory go to the chest located in the base
    • Any party member can take items from the chest, but you cannot put items in
  • New shop where you can buy weapons, food, and potions
  • Brand new and improved binding system
    • Your old binds will be safe - provided you have the level required to store all of them!
  • Much more!

Other Updates Thanks Mod Bando for contributing most of this massive list of updates, tweaks, and bug fixes.​*Webclient fixed

    • I've renewed our code signing certificate and signed the webclient properly, so it should work for everyone regardless of security settings
  • Clan Chat/PMing fixes
    • Cannot kick/ban those of a rank equal to or higher than yours
    • Appearing offline issues fixed (e.g. appearing online when set to off)
    • Overall performance updates to clan chat and PMing
  • New Weekend event system is in place
    • Each week will be a different event.
    • Double XP NO LONGER stacks with PvP Hotspots, The whole world will be 2x.
    • Rotates between, Double XP, Drops, PKP, Minigame points.
    • Soulspawn: Double Points from Pking, Double Points from Monsters
  • The following tasks will now have reduced task amounts:
    • Metal Dragons
    • Wyverns
    • frost dragons
  • Tormented demon defence stats have been reduced.
  • Seared ashes are now fixed.
  • The following pets have been added as a drop from their adult versions
    • Kalphite Queen 2nd form
    • Tormented Demon
    • Glacytes (3 different ones)
  • Glacor's now will change color when they change stages, this will deteremine what pet they are eligable to drop.
    • Green -> Endurance, Reduces damage by 50%
    • Blue -> Sapping, drains prayer points every hit
    • Red ->Power, Attacks hit harder
  • Members only tasks will no longer be given to nonmembers, if it still happens, it will be reset on login.
  • Blood talismans now also drop from skeletal & zombie hands.
  • Frost dragons now have a dragonfire longrage attack
  • Metal dragons, such as Addamant, Rune & Obsidian have had their attacks fixed.
  • Talon Charms now give 16xp when used on a obelisk.
  • Fight caves now displays the correct number of remaining waves.
  • Baby dragon bones can now be buried & used with bonecrusher
  • A bug with some slayer drops have been fixed.
  • Slayer Changes
    • Team Slayer now requires at least 2 players
    • Regular Slayer Task points have been reduced slightly to cope, but 'Easy' Tasks now reward points.
    • New items can be found in Team slayer Shop!
    • Boss tasks now give slightly more XP
    • Books from the reward shop are now fixed!
    • Team Slayer now also rewards regular slayer points @ a 50% reduced amount compared to regular slayer tasks!
  • Blue dragon scales have been changed to a members only 'always' drop from blue dragons.
  • Barbed-tail harpoons can now be purchased off the Soulsplit Store.
  • Golden Seceteurs (Gives more herbs than magic) can now be purchased off the soulsplit store.
  • Water altar has now been fixed.
  • Wildy Bounty system has been adjusted.
    • It will now check to see who is in a lower wildy level, then decide if your level difference can be killed at that level.
    • Max level difference has been reduced to 15.
  • Al-Kharid guards can now be pickpocketed
  • Master farmer at Draynor can now be pickpocketed
  • Pickpocket success rate has been reWorked. It is now more dependant on what you are pickpocketing and your current level.
  • Lunar isle banks can no longer be walked through
  • Chance of your hatchet breaking will now happen less frequently & depend on the level of the axe.
  • Chance of your pickaxe breaking will now happen less frequently & depend on the level of pickaxe
  • Lower tier hatchets can now be used on any tree, there is no longer a minimum hatchet type for tree's.
  • Smithing will now give you a unnoted cosmic helm
  • Inferno Adze will now burn logs if you have the firemaking level 30% of the time.
  • Hatchet searching when trying to cut tree's or farming spots have been fixed.
  • Torag Hammers no longer require a defence to wield
  • Hybrid robe bottoms pieces have had their cost decreased to 60 zeal, while robe top pieces have been increased to 80.
  • 4 New Ingame Titles!
    • 'Siege' - 50 CW Victories
    • 'Soul Siphor' - 50 SW Victories
    • 'Ket-Yit'tal' - 50 Fight Pit Victories (Declared Champion)
    • 'Despicable' - Own 15 Boss pets (There are 20 currently ingame)
  • Barrows now has a chance to reward a level 2 clue scroll. (Members have increased chance)
  • A lot of new items are now spawnable in soulspawn, including skilling supplies, boss pets and much more!
  • Spirit terrorbird can now store up to 12 items
  • Fixed bug where dropping a item while farming caused you to freeze.
  • Lowered the 'activate' value for the 'You are destroying a high value item' dialogue to 300k
  • Fixed a bug with woodcutting where the axe's speed was overlooked. This is much more noticeable now.
  • Ivandis Flail (30) is now tradable
  • Bears can now be found south of varrock.
  • Zombie monkeys now roam around Ape Atol
  • Grenwalls can be caught by members at Ape Atol (Enter the bamboo gate)
  • Longrange now gives defence XP
  • A server-wide message now announces where the evil tree & shooting star is every hour.


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