Members? No
Quest items? No
Tradeable? Yes
Stackable? No
Credit Price? N/A
Examine text Use this to plant seeds with
Spade A Spade is an inventory item used for various tasks. It's first click option is to 'Dig'. It can be purchased from the General Store in Varrock and various other cities, from the Farming Store by talking to Olivia near the Catherby farming patch, from players, or it can be obtained by talking to a Tool Leprechaun.

A Spade is an important part of Treasure Trails, as it is required when digging up caskets for new clues based on the maps and coordinates given. It is also used during the Barrows minigame, as each grave must be dug on to enter.

Finally, spades are while training Farming. After the plant has fully grown, a spade must be in your inventory while harvesting it. Without one, you will get an error message which reads "You need a spade to harvest here." In addition, if a plant must be removed before fully grown, a spade can be used to dig up it, thus allowing for new plants to fill the same allotment or patch.

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