In this article you will find information regarding the current ranks. If any information is inaccurate please post in the comment section below.

Current Ranks

Name of Staff Rank Duties
Helper Helper

In-Game Assistant W/Mute Command

Enforce & Assist in "Help" CC
Answer questions in-game and on the forums .

Covers: SS1 Questions , SS2 Questions , and Technical Support

Moderator Moderator

In-Game Moderator with Limited Commands
Handle in-game issues
Handle player reports
Provides donation assistance
Monitors certain sections on the forums
If needed, completes helper duties

Covers: In-game monitoring, Player Reports , monitors certain forum sections, and previous duties

Global  Moderator 

Global mod

Moderator with Forum Abilities

Monitors in-game moderators
Handles Player/Staff Reports
Handles Bugs

Covers: Bug reports , Player ReportsStaff reports , Forums, and previous duties

Administrator Administrator Handles major forum maintenance

Directs the lower Staff team
Deals with bugs directly

Covers: Monitors and demotes/promotes lower staff team, deals with higher-scale issues, and handles lower staff reports

Jr. Forum Moderator  Jrforummod 

Trial for Forum Moderator

Monitors certain sections on the forums and the shoutbox.

Covers: General Discussion , SS1 Discussion , Goals & Achievements , Pictures , Soulsplit 1 Pictures , Non-Soulsplit Related Pictures , All Market Sections , Soulsplit 1 Questions & In-game Help , Soulsplit 2 Questions & In-game Help , Technical Support , and Spam sections on the forums .

Manager Manager

The highest rank a normal player can earn

Manages the Soulsplit Staff team

Covers: The forums and the staff team.

Office workerOffice Worker Works At SoulSplit Headquaters

Handles account problems
Handles hacked account refunds
Handles payment issues
Handles bans & unbans, mutes & unmutes.
Handles advertising

Developer Developer

Designs and develop content for Soulsplit
Design and work on Soulsplit's client

Covers: Soulsplit's content and playable client

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