Statius's full helm
Statius full helm small
AKA? Stat helm
Members? No
Quest items? No
Tradeable? Yes
Stackable? No
Credit Price? 1,099
Examine text a Statius' full helm'

The Statius' full helm is a part of the Statius' equipment. It occupies the helmet slot and is very popular among PKers. The normal version requires a Defence level of 78 to wear and lasts for 1 hour of combat. After the time is up, the platebody will vanish, however if used in clan wars, this item does not degrade (unless you are afterhit by another player.) A corrupt version also exists, which requires only 20 Defence and lasts only for 15 minutes of wearing (degrades even while not in combat). This helmet is usually paired with a Vestas set to provide maximum overall Strength Bonus. 

Uses outside of PKing

Statius' helms are commonly used to flip for quick money. This is done by aquiring all three pieces of Statius armor for a cheap price, then selling them as an armor set for a higher price.

Combat Stats
Class Slot
Attack Head slot
Bonus Attack Defence
Stab +3 +65
Slash +3 +70
Crush +4 +73
Magic -6 -1
Range -2 +71
Special bonuses
Strength +3
Prayer -
125px-Statius's armour equipped
A player wearing statius' armour set

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