Steel bar
Steel bar
Members? No
Quest items? No
Tradeable? Yes
Stackable? No
Examine text It's a steel bar.

The Steel bar is a bar that is able to be created once the player obtains 30 Smithing. To create it, one iron ore and two coal must be used in a furnace. They are not commonly smelted due to the amount of materials need in order to produce them.

Smithing Experience

Sir Knight Lord Legend Extreme
9000 xp 2700 xp 900 xp 90 xp 18 xp

Smithing Table

Picture Level Name Bars required
Steel dagger
30 Steel dagger 1
Steel axe
31 Steel axe 1
Steel mace
32 Steel mace 1
Steel medium helmet
33 Steel med helm 1
Steel bolts (unf) 3
33 Steel bolts 1
Steel sword old
34 Steel sword 1
Steel dart tip
34 Steel dart tip 1
Steel nails
34 Steel nails 1
Steel arrowheads
35 Steel arrowtip 1
35 Steel scimitar 2
Steel longsword
36 Steel longsword 2
Steel full helm
37 Steel full helm 2
37 Steel knife 1
38 Steel sq shield 2
Steel warhammer
39 Steel warhammer 3
Steel battleaxe
40 Steel battleaxe 3
Steel chainbody
41 Steel chainbody 3
Steel kiteshield
42 Steel kiteshield


Steel claws
43 Steel claws 2
Steel 2h
44 Steel 2h sword 3
Steel plateskirt
46 Steel plateskirt 3
Steel platelegs
46 Steel platelegs 3
Steel platebody
48 Steel platebody 5

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