Strength cape (t) equipped

strength skillcape

Strength is one of the most popular combat skills on Soulsplit. This skill is popular and a very important because it increases the damage done to an enemy and it is required for wearing some weapons and armours.

Strength can be levelled up to 99. Experience is gained by successfully hitting an oppenent.

To gain Strength experience a player needs to set his combat style a certain way:

  • Pummel (Maces, Warhammers)
  • Slash (Swords, Claws, Scimitars)
  • Hack (Hatchets, Battleaxes)
  • Lunge (Daggers)
  • Swipe (Halberds, Spears)
  • Impale (Pickaxes)

Levels and Milestones

Certain Strength levels are required to wield or equip some weapons and armour.

Weapon/Armour Level
Black mask
Black mask 20
Void seal
Void Knight Equipment 42
Granite maul
Granite Maul 50
Barrelchest anchor
Barrelchest Anchor 60
Tzhaar ket om
Tzhaar-ket-om 60
Dharok's greataxe
Barrows 70
Torva platebody
Torva 80

Skillcape Boosts

The strength skill, like all the combat skills, can be boosted by wearing the Strength Skillcape.

Item Effect
Strength potion Strength Potion Level increased by 3 +10%
Super strength Super Strength Potion Level increased by 5 + 15%
Overload (4) Overload Potion Level increased by 5 + 15%
Black mask Black Mask 16.67% Level increase
Dharok's platebody Dharok's Full Set HP x 0.1% Level increase
Prayer/Curses Level Effect
Burst of strength
Burst of Strength (Payer) 4 5% Level increase
Superhuman strength
Superhuman Strength (Prayer) 13 10% Level increase
Ultimate strength
Ultimate Strength (Prayer) 31 15% Level increase
Chivalry prayer
Chivalry (Prayer) 60 18% Level increase
Arthur piety
Piety (Prayer) 70 23% Level increase
Leech strength
Leech Strength (Curse) 82 5% Increasing to 10% Level increase (Over Time)
Turmoil (Curse) 95 23% Level increase +10% of Enemy's level