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This article is about the Summoning skill. For information on how to train Summoning, see Summoning Training.

Summoning is a skill that allows you to summon creatures to fight on your behalf. As your summoning level rises you are given access to many new followers that can aid you in battle. Some provide buffs and others provide brute force.

Experience Table

Gamemode Gold Charm Green Charm Crimson Charm Blue Charm
Sir 50,000 XP 55,000 XP 60,000 XP 80,000 XP
Lord 5,000 XP 5,500 XP 6,000 XP 8,000 XP
Legend 500 XP 550 XP 600 XP 800 XP
Extreme 110 XP 120 XP 100 XP 160 XP

Gamemode Gold charm Green charm Crimson charm Blue charm
Sir 217 Charms

237 Charms

261 Charms 163 Charms
Lord 2,173 Charms 2,370 Charms 2,607 Charms 1,630 Charms
Legend 21,725 Charms 23,699 Charms 26,069 Charms 16,294 Charms
Extreme 118,495 Charms

108,621  Charms 

130,345 Charms

81,466 Charms


The only way to train summoning is by using Charms on an obelisk. There are only two obelisks in-game and both provide the same amount of experience per use.


Both obelisks are identical in appearance and provide the exact same experience per use. One is located in South Neitiznot and the other is located on Lunar Isle.

Using the charms on an obelisk on a player versus player world will result in a boost in experience awarded, just like training any other skill.


The obelisk on Neitiznot is the more commonly used obelisk. This is likely due to its convenient location in comparison to Yaks, a commonly used source of gold charms. This might also be because Neitiznot has a teleport spell in the modern spellbook.

Lunar Isle

Even though it has the exact same qualities as Neitiznot's incarnation, among the two obelisks, the Lunar Isle obelisk is the least used. Many players take advantage of the fact that not many people go there when training on PvP worlds.


There are five different types of charms that can be found in Soulsplit. Each posses a different amount of awarded experience per charm. Each charm occupies a tier. Crimson is tier 5, AKA the lowest tier. Gold is tier 4. This means it is right above gold charms in the awarded experience. Green is tier 3, the Third best tier. Abyssal is the second best tier.  Blue is the rarest and the highest tier, and awards the most experience. Charms are dropped by a large majority of the monsters in Soulsplit, and are untradeable. 

  • Gold charm Gold charm
  • Green charm Green charm
  • Crimson charm Crimson charm
  • Abyssal charm  Abyssal charm
  • Blue charm Blue charm


Familiars are followers that fight for you. Some offer buffs that can aid you in battle and others are for use when you need a minion to dole out damage for you. 

Level Pouch Familiar name special effect
1 spirit wolf Causes a npc to retreat so you can escape.
4 Dreadfowl Dreadfowl strike, can deal up to 30 life points to an npc.
10 Spirit spider Spawns red spider eggs, which can be used for herblore.
13 Thorny snail Can deal up to 80 life points on an npc, and can also act as a beast of burden.
16 Granite crab Increases the players fishing level by 1.
17 Spirit mosquito The pester scroll, sends the familiar directly to an npc to attack it.
18 Desert wyrm Adds 1 mining level, and can burrow underground to drop an iron ore.
19 Spirit scorpion Gives a chance for the player's next range attack to be poisonous.
22 Spirit Tz-Kih Has a chance to hit 2 nearby targets, with up to 70 damage.
23 Albino rat Fills the rats inventory with 4 pieces of cheese, 
25 Spirit Kalphite Can attack up to 5 nearby opponents for 200 damage.
28 Compost Mound Fills a nearby compost bin with compost.
29 Giant Chinchompa Causes a giant chinchompa to appear and deal damage to up to 3 nearby targets.
31 Vampyre Bat Does magic damange to an npc, faster than other familiars attack wise.
32 Honey Badger Special attack Has a chance for it to attack twice.
33 Beaver Can be used as a knife for fletching, and hold up to 30 planks or logs at a time.
34 Void Ravager Teleports you to the pest control landers.
34 Void Shifter Teleports you to the pest control landers.
34 Void Spinner Teleports you to the pest control landers.
34 Void Torcher Teleports you to the pest control landers.
36 Bronze Minotaur Magic attack dealing up to 40 damage, is immune to poison.
40 Bull Ant Stores up to 9 items, and can restore run.
41 Macaw Can produce all herbs which monsters drop.
42 Evil Turnip Has three bites, which can heal you.
43 Spirit Cockatrice Drain-Causes the familiar to instantly attack, and drain an opponents stat.
46 Iron Minotaur Can deal up to 60 damage, and stun the opponent.
46 Pyrelord By using a log on the familiar, it will act as a tinderbox.
47 Magpie Temorarily inscreases the players thieving level by 2.
49 Bloated leech Heals stat damage and poison.
52 Spirit terrorbird Grants the player unlimited run when is summoned.
54 Abyssal parasite Lowers the opponents prayer with a magic attack. Also prevents prayer drain in the abyss.
55 Spirit jelly Special move deals up to 136 damage and drains the opponents attack stat.
56 Steel minotaur Deals magic damage up to 90.
56 Ibis Makes raw fish appear on the ground.
57 Spirit graakh Teleports you to the nature rune altar.
57 Spirit kyatt Special teleports you to a hunting area.
57 Spirit larupia Drains the opponents strength, also deals magic damage.
61 Smoke devil Can deal up to 60 damage on 6 near by opponents.
62 Abyssal lurker temporarily inscreaes the players agility and thieving by 4.
63 Spirit cobra Turns an egg into a cockatrice egg.
64 Stranger plant Does an attack with a 50% chance of poisoning your opponent.
66 Barker toad Can load it with a cannonball, and select to shoot it at an npc.
66 Mithril minotaur Does a magic attack of up to 130 damage.
67 War tortoise Stores up to 18 items.
68 Bunyip Will heal 2% of the players maximum hitpoints every 15 seconds.
69 Fruit bat spawns certain fruits, such as papaya and bananas
70 Ravenous locust Special allows the locust to eat a piece of the opponents food.
71 Artic bear
72 Phoenix
73 Obsidian golem
74 Granite lobster
76 Forge regent
76 Adamant minotaur
77 Talon beast
78 Giant ent
79 Fire titan
79 Ice titan
79 Moss titan
80 Hydra
83 Spirit dagannoth
83 Lava titan
85 Swamp titan
86 Rune minotaur
88 Unicorn stallion heals yourself for 10% of your maximum life points.
89 Geyser titan Inflicts damage depending on the armour type of the enemy. Can deal up to 200+ damage.
92 Wolpertinger boosts your magic level by 7.
93 Abyssal titan Holds up to 7 rune and pure essence.
95 Iron titan Inflicts three melee attacks.
96 Pack yak stores up to 26 items, and can send items to your bank when used on the yak.
99 Steel titan launches a ranged attack that hits 4 times

Summoning ring

The Summoning Ring is also a very good method of training summoning, as it is a lot like the Bonecrusher. This ring uses charms as they're dropped by the monsters you're killing, saving you from having to gather charms and use them on an obelisk. The main drawback to the Summoning Ring is the fact it gives much less experience compared to using charms on an obelisk.

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