This training guide will show you how to get charms the easy way and how to use them.


These charms are ordered from the least XP to the most XP given.

Icon Charm name Gold charm Crimson charm Green charm Blue charm

Obtaining charms  Gold charms

  1. An alternative method to gain charms is by killing Yaks located in North Neitiznot or Lumbridge, you can get there by using the skills teleport in your spellbook. Green charms

  1. The best way to obtain Green charms is by killing Lesser demons and Chaos dwarfs that are located in the Taverly dungeon, this place can be reached with the Games necklace. Crimson charms

  1. The fastest and the most efficient way to obtain Crimson charms is by killing Tormented demons. Blue charms

The best charms in the game, gives you a lot of experience but are hard to obtain.

  1. Moss giants, these often drop Blue charms and can be reached by using your Games necklace and teleporting to Brimhaven dungeon.
  2. Tormented demons, this is a very powerful boss that has a very high drop rate of dropping 1 Blue charm at a time, be careful when fighting them.

Note: Other good monsters to kill for charms are Black Demons and Metallic Dragons (bronze, iron, steel, and mithril).

Using your charms

After you have obtained a decent amount of charms, it's time to train! Simply use the charms on an obelisk in one of the following places:

South Nitiznot obelisk

      Nez south2 Nez south Nez south3
                 Nez south4
Nez south obelisk

Lunar Isle obelisk

Lunar isle Lunar isle2

Lunar isle3
Lunar isle4

Charms required

The following table will tell you how many charms you need to use to get to 99 Summoning:

Gamemode Gold charm Green charm Crimson charm Blue charm
Sir 217 Charms

237 Charms

261 Charms 163 Charms
Lord 2,173 Charms 2,370 Charms 2,607 Charms 1,630 Charms
Legend 21,725 Charms 23,699 Charms 26,069 Charms 16,294 Charms
Extreme 118,495 Charms

108,621  Charms 

130,345 Charms

81,466 Charms

Gamemode Gold Charm Green Charm Crimson Charm Blue Charm
Sir 50,000 XP 55,000 XP 60,000 XP 80,000 XP
Lord 5,000 XP 5,500 XP 6,000 XP 8,000 XP
Legend 500 XP 550 XP 600 XP 800 XP
Extreme 110 XP 120 XP 100 XP 160 XP

Summoning Ring

The Summoning Ring is also a very good method of training summoning, as it is a lot like the Bonecrusher. This ring picks up charms as they're dropped by the monsters you're killing, saving you from having to gather charms.