Super restore
Super restore (4) Super restore (3) Super restore (2) Super restore (1)
Members? No
Quest items? No
Tradeable? Yes
Stackable? No
Examine text It's a Super restore (_).

A Super restore potion, or Super restore, is a potion used to restore all player stats that have been lowered, requiring level 63 Herblore. Super restores do not increase your Hitpoints.


Super restore potions restore all lowered levels, excepting Hitpoints, by 25% + 9 up to the actual level of the skill.

For example, if a player has 99 Attack and is affected by a stat-lowering effect or attack that reduces his/her Attack points to below the initial level of 99, drinking a Super restore potion would raise the Attack level up to a maximum of 99 by 34 stat points per dose consumed.


There are a couple of ways to obtain a Super restore potion. Most players choose to purchase Super restore potions. They are sold by Giles/Miles/Niles, found primarily in the Falador Party Room (::market) in Falador, or in various other large cities throughout Soulsplit. Experiments located under the training teleport also drop a Super restore potion (4).

Alternatively, players may brew Super restores for Herblore XP, though it is often easier to obtain bulk amounts from a shop than from brewing because of the lack of readily available secondary ingredients.


For more information on brewing Super restore potions and potions in general, see the potion ingredient list.

Super Restore potions are brewed using Snapdragon as the primary ingredient and Red spider's eggs as the secondary ingredient.

Potion Level Herb Secondary
Super restore (3) Super restore potion 63 Snapdragon Snap dragon Red spider's eggs Red spiders' eggs

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