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Taverley dungeon

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Taverley Dungeon
Taverly dungeon
Also called Tav dung
Members Area? No
Amount of Banks None
Amount of Altars None
Points of Interest Slayer NPCs, Magic axes
Accessibility Games necklace
Taverley dungeon map

The Taverley Dungeon is one of the more common places to train Slayer as many monsters here are assigned as Slayer tasks. This is partially due to the fact that there a large amount of NPCs here.

The Taverley Dungeon is one of the more larger dungeons, having tunnels, pipes, lava, and the like all underground. There are also multiple areas that are accessible via shortcuts such as a "strange floor" which leads to Black dragons, as well as an obstacle pipe that leads to (baby) Blue dragons.

The dungeon can be reached throught Dungeon Teleports > Last Page > Taverly Dungeon.

Notable NPCsEdit

There are a large amount of NPCs here that. Most are used for the purpose of completing Slayer tasks.

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