Tome of Frost Detail
Tome of Frost
Tome of frost
AKA? Frost Tome
Members? No
Quest items? No
Tradeable? No
Stackable? No
Examine text It's a tome of frost
Combat Stats
Class Slot
Magic Shield slot
Bonus Attack Defence
Stab - -
Slash - -
Crush - -
Magic +10 +10
Range - -
Special bonuses
Strength -
Prayer -
Tome of Frost equipped

The Tome of frost is a magical object that aids the player in the Magic skill. This item takes the shield slot when worn. In order to wield this item, both 50 Magic and 50 Dungeoneering is needed. This Magic boosting item is used in the shield slot of the player giving the option to equip a single-handed staff.

How to Obtain

A player can obtain the Tome of Frost by purchasing it from the Dungeoneering Shop, which is accessed by speaking with the Dungeoneering Master located at Lumbridge/Varrock. It costs 30,000 Dungeoneering Tokens.


The Tome of Frost does in fact give infinite water runes, but only if the player already has water runes in their inventory. Only one water rune is required for this effect to be active; while the spell's icon will not light up, it may still be cast or auto-cast as long as the other rune requirements are met.

The Tome of Frost also give some slight magic offensive and defensive bonuses, however these are easily beaten by the bonuses given by the spirit shields which is why it is not a commonly seen weapon.

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