Tormented Demon
Tormented Demon
Monster Information
Also called TD
Attack Style Ranged, Magic, Melee
Members? No
Combat level 450
Monster HP 3260
Always Drops Bones, Charms
Aggressiveness Yes (after 5 kills it will stop being Aggressive)
Slayer Monster? Yes
Weakness? Chaotic crossbow & water spells
Approximate Capture Kills 558
Capture Requirements Summoning-iconN/A
Examine text Lucian must be incredibly

powerful if he can bind

such demons to his will

One of the most sought after bosses in the entirety of Soulsplit is the Tormented Demon. At level 462 they pose a huge threat if an unweary player is not prepared for it's might. They drop one of the most sought after special attack weapons in the game (Dragon claws)


Tormented Demons are unique in their attacks, boasting all 3 form of combat; they are exceptionally hard to kill. However, their mage and ranged attack is quite weak and will rarely hit, so protect melee is the only prayer advised. Although tds appear to pray melee, its purely a bluff.

The Recommended gear to be facing one of these atrocities is as follows:





There are various places throughout Soulsplit which Tormented Demons reside, one of the most common places is the Tormented Demon lair, However to get here requires the patience to get 500 Soulsplit Points for a Demonic Sigil (Pest Control Mini-game )

Other Locations to fight The Tormented Demon include

This area cannot be accessed because of the movement restrictions of Zanaris' improper coding.

Zanaris map

  • Spirit Dungeon (The maze to the corporeal beast)
Shadow dungeon2

  • Deep Wilderness(A staircase to a cave with a frost dragon and a Tormented Demon)

Drop List

Item Quantity Rarity
BonesBones 1 1 Always
Runite barRunite bar 7 2 Common
Rune platelegsRune platelegs 1 2 Common
Blood runeBlood rune 150 2 Common
Death runeDeath rune 300 2 Common
Nature runeNature rune 100 2 Common
Dragon arrowDragon arrow 15 2 Common
Rune kiteshieldRune kiteshield 1 2 Common
Red topazRed topaz 8 2 Common
DragonstoneDragonstone 4 2 Common
Amulet of glory (4)Amulet of glory (4) 2 2 Common
Rune platebodyRune platebody 1 2 Common
Magic logsMagic logs 30 2 Common
Rune essenceRune essence 5,000 2 Common
Dragon bolts (e)Dragon bolts (e) 30 2 Common
Clean toadflaxClean toadflax 30 2 Common
Super restore (4)Super restore (4) 25 2 Common
Saradomin brew (4)Saradomin brew (4) 25 2 Common
Super strength (4)Super strength (4) 25 2 Common
Super attack (4)Super attack (4) 25 2 Common
Ranging potion (4)Ranging potion (4) 25 2 Common
Clean snapdragonClean snapdragon 30 2 Common
CoinsCoins 50,000 2 Common
CoinsCoins 75,000 2 Common
Dragon clawsDragon claws 1 4 Rare
Dragon spearDragon spear 1 4 Rare
Morrigan's throwing axeMorrigan's throwing axe 20 4 Rare
Morrigan's javelinMorrigan's javelin 20 4 Rare

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