Tree Gnome Stronghold
Stronghold gate
Also called Tree Gnome Village
Members Area? No
Amount of Banks 1
Amount of Altars 0
Points of Interest Gnome Agility Course, Woodcutting, Tree farming patch, firemaking / fletching
Accessibility Spellbook > Skills Teleports > Gnome Agility Course.
Stronghold map

The Tree Gnome Stronghold is a location best known for the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course. The Stronghold is however, a good place to train woodcutting. firemaking, and farming. There is also a bank to the west of the teleport to get to the Stronghold.

Points of Interest

Aside from agility there are a few more skills you can do at the Tree Gnome Stronghold.


This is probably the most obvious skill that can be trained at the Stronghold seeing as how the main way to get there is via this teleport. This agility course is were you first start training agility until roughly level 40.


Just west of the bank there is one tree patch in which you can plant normal trees.


There are two main trees located within the stronghold, yew trees and a magic tree. The magic tree is located just west of the bank right by the tree farming patch so its a good place to have two magic trees close to a bank. The yew trees are located in the South East corner of the stronghold.

Firemaking / Fletching

To a lesser degree you can also train firemaking and fletching in the sense that you can cut trees for logs and burn or fletch them.


The Tree Gnome Stronghold is also the location of a riddle clue scroll which reads either "dig near some giant mushroom behind the Grand Tree" or "small shoe; often found with rod on mushroom".

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