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Tzhaar ket om
The Tzhaar-ket-om, also known as the obsidian maul, or obby maul, is a maul-class weapon that can be found in the Tzhaar Caves. It requires 60 strength to wield with no attack requirement making it very popular amongst pures. 

Players can buy the Tzhaar-ket-om at the weapons store in the TzHaar City for 75,000 Tokkul, and it can be obtained as a uncommon drop from TzHaar-Ket. This weapon cannot be made using the Smithing Skill. Players must have level 60 Strength to wield this weapon. It is affected by the Berserker necklace, receiving a 20% damage increase when the necklace is worn.

AKA? Obby maul
Members? No
Quest items? No
Tradeable? Yes
Stackable? No
Examine text It's a tzaar-ket-om

This weapon has lower damage than a Saradomin sword, Chaotic maul, or Torag's hammer, but its wielding requirements aren't as high. The TzHaar-ket-om has stats equal to that of a Dragon 2h sword, Dragon halberd and Dragon spear with the exception of being a crush weapon as opposed to slash or stab, making it useful for monsters with a crush weakness. Damage type aside, this makes it an attractive choice for players who have neither the money nor quest requirements for the Dragon two-handed weapons, especially when wielded while wearing a Berserker necklace, which boosts its already formidable damage output.

Combat Stats
Class Slot
Attack Melee 2h slot
Bonus Attack Defence
Stab - -
Slash - -
Crush +80 -
Magic -4 -
Range - -
Strength +85
Prayer -
Special bonuses
HP boost -

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