Tzhaar Caves
Tzhaar caves
Members Area? No
Amount of Banks 1
Amount of Altars 0
Points of Interest Fight Caves, Fight Kiln, Fight pits
Accessibility Minigame teleports
Tzhaar caves map
Tzhaar Caves are home to the Tzhaar , a golem-like race. The Tzhaar caves have several activities that can be played for rewards, such as the Fight caves, Fight kiln and the Fight pits. It is also the only place where the currency Tokkul is used.


The Tzhaar can be found throughout the whole cave, players do not have the ability to attack every Tzhaar though. The only monsters players will be able to attack are the Tzhaar-Ket and the Tzhaar-Xil . Both of these monsters drop Tokkul and various items that can be obtained at the Tokkul Store. All of the other Tzhaar found in the caves are shopkeepers or have a certain role in the activities.


Fight Pits

Fight Pits is a minigame that requires multiple players, Fight Pits can be played to obtain either an Eye of the Warrior , Eye of the Ranger  or Eye of the mage ring. The activity is found in the north-west side of the caves.

Fight Cave

Fight caves is a minigame where players have to fight several waves of monsters, ending with a Level 702 Tztok-Jad. When players manage to complete the Fight Cave they will be rewarded with a Fire Cape. There is an easy way to defeat the three monsters without getting hit; you have to stand against the wall where you begin. This way the monsters will not be able to attack you.

Fight Kiln


Choosing between the Fight Caves or the Fight Kiln

In order for players to be able to play the Fight kiln they will have to sacrifice a Fire Cape, this can be done at 

Tzhaar-Mej-Kah who is just outside of the entrance of the Fight Cave. After this, a player can choose to play either the Fight Cave or the Fight Kiln. Fight kiln consists of 10 waves, ending in a single wave with three TzTok-Jad's. Once a player completes the Fight Kiln they will have the choice of obtaining either a Tokhaar-Kal , a Fire Cape or an Uncut Onyx .


  • The client of some players might crash when they go in the north-east section of the Tzhaar Caves.

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