Unicorn stallion pouch
The Unicorn Stallion is a summoning familiar. It requires 88 Summoning to open the pouch, which can be purchased from the Summoning Master in Edgeville for 3924 coins. It can attack with you in multicombat situations, though is only level 70 combat. 

The Unicorn Stallion has a special move. When used, the commanding player gains 15% of his total life points back. This special can only be used every 17 seconds. This special move can be activated by clicking the 'Special Move' bar on Summoning tab, as highlighted below.

This familiar is often used in mini-games such as Castle Wars, as it allows players to tank. Tanking is when a player is being attacked by multiple players, yet does not die. The ability to heal without food is useful to a player tanking, as they can heal more than they can store in their inventory.

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