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Start Point: You can start this quest by talking to Morgan in Draynor Village.
Difficulty: Easy
Description: Draynor Village is plagued by a vampire. He visits it frequently and demands blood payments or he will terrorise the whole village.
Length: Short (10 - 15 minutes)
Requirements: The ability to defeat a level 37 vampire
Items required: Stake, Stake hammer, Garlic, and Beer

Food, Prayer is needed.

Enemies to defeat: Count Draynor - Level 37

Getting StartedEdit

  • Talk to Morgan in Draynor Village.
  • Talk to Dr. Harlow in the Blue Moon Inn located in Varrock.
  • After you buy a beer for Dr. Harlow, speak to him again.
  • After you obtain the Stake, hammer, and Garlic go back Draynor, and walk north to Draynor Manor.

Finding Morgan/Dr. HarlowEdit

North of dyanor bank.
Last RiverAdded by Last River

south east Varrock square (blue moon Inn)
Last RiverAdded by Last River

To find morgan you need to teleport to Draynor village and go North of the bank until reaching a house not to far away, It should be the only house in Draynor to have an npc inside.           

In order to find Dr. Harlow you need to teleport to varrock square, from there you run south east until you reach a bar (tavern) called the Blue moon Inn there are three npc's located within the bar, Dr. Harlow being one of them.

Making it downstairs to count DraynorEdit

Due to improper coding once entering the Draynor mansion along the far east wing, walking to the staircase is nearly impossible, movements are restricted besides for a certain path that has been mapped out. 

Only way to make it through to the door.
Last RiverAdded by Last River

Slaying the VampireEdit

  • Enter Draynor manor and go through the door that is North-East of the entrance.
  • Go towards the staircase and climb down,
  • Kill Count Draynor by getting him to low health points and then using the stake to finish him off.

Finishing UpEdit

  • Go back upstairs and exit the manor the way you came or teleport to Draynor. 
  • Talk to Morgan

Congratulations, you have completed the quest!


  • 75,000 Slayer experience
  • 75,000 Attack experience
  • Kitchen Knife
  • 50k cash
  • Garlic


  • Vampire slayer is currently bugged.
  • The Vampire is very easy to kill even for low level pures, whether this is intentional or not it is unknown.

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