Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? No
Gender Male
Sells items? Yes
Merchant Category Slayer
Examine text He looks dangerous!

Vannaka is located in various different cities, including LumbridgeFalador, Edgeville, Rellekka and Varrock. In addition to assigning slayer tasks, Vannaka will offer you a variety of items to use while completing your task. You can also speak to Vannaka to access the Slayer point shop, a shop where you can spend your Slayer points earned from completing tasks on reward items.


  • Lumbridge - North of the Lumbridge castle, along the yak pen
  • Falador - South of the western bank, as well as in the Falador Party Room
  • Edgeville - Dungeon south of Edgeville
  • Zanaris - Talk to Mage of Zamorak (north of Edgeville in the wilderness), go through passage and enter the Cosmic rift, then go through the portal to Zanaris
  • Rellekka - South of Rock crabs (via Training teleports)
  • Ancient dungeon - Near the entrance to Kuradal's dungeon

Chat Options

Vannaka chatbox1

This menu pops up when you initially speak to Vannaka.

Solo assignment

This dialog box pops up when you select "I need another assignment."

Slayer Shop

This menu pops up when you choose the option "Do you have anything for trade?".

Vannaka Clanchat

This menu pops up when you choose the option "Can i have a clan chat assignment?".


Vannaka can sell you rewards for the Slayer points you obtain by completing Slayer tasks. He sells a wide variaty of items, ranging from armours to seeds. 

His most notable rewards are: 

  • Slayer Helmet - 1000 points
  • Law/Nature staff - 100 points
  • Battle robes  - a total of 750 points
  • Ring of Wealth - 100 points
  • Magic seed - 20 points

The rewards interface reached by clicking "Rewards".

Slayer rewards soulsplit

The slayer point shop


  • He is the only character on Soulsplit capable of wielding a Two-handed sword along with a shield. 

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