Members Area? No
Amount of Banks 5
Amount of Altars 1
Points of Interest Skilling, trading and shops.
Accessibility Command "::market", City teleports > Varrock.
Varrock map

Varrock is the capital of trading and shops. It is also one of the biggest cities in Soulsplit. It is located north of Lumbridge and west of Falador. Many people go here as it is the the only official place for trading.


Varrock can be entered through the west, south and east gate, which have a road leading to Varrock square. Varrock can also be entered from the north side of the city. The city teleport in the mage book can teleport you to all the cities in Soulsplit. There is a Varrock portal in Lumbridge, which is next to the furnace, just north of the Lumbridge castle.


Varrock has five banks. Nearest one is just north-west of the teleport spot on Varrock square. Second nearest is just south of the teleport spot, in general store. There is a bank on the east entrance of varrock, also known as "Varrock small bank", and there is a bank near west entrance to the city, also known as "Varrock big bank". Fifth, and last, bank is at the Grand exchange, which is also a marketplace.

Varrock Palace

Varrock palace is located north of Varrock square and east of The Grand Exchange. In Soulsplit, it has no NPC's, however it is sometimes used by some players for personal events and giveaways.

Mining area

There are two mining areas just south of Varrock. To get to the first one, just exit Varrock from west gate and head south. It is also north-west of Champions' guild, and can also be accessed from south gate, by going west. Second mining spot is south-east of varrock. To get to this location, go through east gate, and head south. That mining spot is next to road so it is easier to access.


Varrock has all the basic stores in the middle of the city.

1. General Store

Containing skilling items and items to use for completing clue scrolls.

2. Weapon store

All basic Melee weapons can be found here

3. Archer Store

All basic ranging gear can be found here.

4. Aubury's Magic Store

All basic Magic gear can be found here. You can buy bulk runes by talking to the store owner.

5. Aemad

You can receive your stuff that you bought from the Soulsplit Store here.

6. Armour Store

This is where you buy Iron-Rune armour sets. It includes Fremennik helms, Granite shields, Spirit shields, and Helm of Neitiznot.

9. Supply Store

This store has a variety of robes, hats, jewelry, teleports, food, and potions.

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