Vesta's equipment
Vesta's chainbodyVesta's plateskirtVesta's longswordVesta's spear

Set box

AKA? Full Vesta
Members? No
Quest items? No
Tradeable? Yes
Stackable? No
Credit Price? 5,999


Each piece of this equipment requires 20/78 Defence or Attack, depending on whether or not it is corrupt.

It should be noted that after the first use,this equipment becomes degraded (deg) and can no longer be traded.

How to Obtain

Vesta's armour can currently only be obtained via PvP world drop,

  • Getting a rare drop from the deep wilderness Avatars,
  • From a random Vote token reward

In order to have a chance at getting it as a PvP world drop both players must at least be risking 76,000 coins worth in items to recieve any individual piece of this armour set.

Combat Stats
Class Slot
Attack Sets404
Bonus Attack Defence
Stab +118 +214
Slash +137 +244
Crush +10 +269
Magic -32 -5
Range -4 +267
Special bonuses
Strength +131
Prayer -
Corrupt Vesta's equipment equipped

Special Attack

Vesta's Longsword has a fairly strong Special Attack. At the cost of 25% of your special bar, you are able to hit 150% of your normal hit. Combined with its deadly accuracy, the Vesta's longsword is one of the most used Special Attack weapons due to it's durability if only used for Special Attack purposes; and is easy to replace.

Vesta's Spear has quite an inaccurate Special Attack but can hit quite high from time to time. The spear is not commonly used for its Special Attack because it drains 50% of the special bar, whereas Dragon claws drain the same amount and are more likely to hit higher. The spear is used occasionally as a primary weapon, due to its incredible accuracy and damage rate.


Any piece of Vesta's equipment will degrade when used in combat (the exception being in Clan Wars, unless you are afterhit by another player.) The rate at which it degrades is entirely dependent on mode and which variant it is on, non-corrupt or corrupt. Mode-based degrading will make Extremes have longer lasting equipment and, invariably, Sirs have shorter lasting equipment.

Alternate Form

Along with every other set of PvP armour, Vesta's gear has a corrupt counterpart. The corruption on the equipment lowers the level requirement for usage from 78 to 20 (Defence for the armour and Attack for the weapons). In the non-corrupt form, the armour will last substantially longer without degrading than the corrupt version. The stat bonuses for all corrupt items remains the same as the non-corrupt versions. All off the corrupt weapons will not be able to use the Special Attack though.


  • Vesta's equipment is the only Ancient Warrior's set without a helmet. Because of this the set is usually combined with a Statius' Full Helm.
  • Vesta's armour is offensive Melee armour. It gives less Defense but higher Stab, Slash and Strength bonuses than Statius' armour.
  • Can be bought from the PKP shop. 3/7/2014

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