How to access the Voting Lair

After voting you'll have access to the Voting Lair for 12 hours. After 12 hours you can vote again, to get access for another 

Voting Lair
Nomads lair
Also called Nomad's Lair
Members Area? No
Amount of Banks None
Amount of Altars None
Points of Interest Nomad
Accessibility Dungeon teleports
Voting Lair map
12 hours, which makes it accessable all the time, however you must vote. You can get to the Voting Lair by going to the last page of dungeon teleport and clicking on Voting Lair [ Hard ]. As the teleport option suggests be very prepared for a tough fight with food, potions, and good armour.

The teleport option to the Voting Lair


What to find there? 

Nomad can be found in the Voting Lair, therefore it is refered to as Nomad's Lair by the community most of the time. Nomad is one of the strongest monsters in Soulsplit and it's not recommended to try and fight him without proper gear and experience.

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