Wise Old Man
Wise Old Man
Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? No
Gender Male
Sells items? Skillcapes
Examine text A venerable and rich sage.

The Wise Old Man is an NPC in Soulsplit who sells skillcapes to players at Lumbridge or ::market who have achieved level 99 (or 120 in the case of Dungeoneering) in any given skill. Upon reaching level 99 at 13,034,431 experience, a skillcape corresponding to that skill will become available for purchase from the Wise Old Man for 99,999 Coins. Each purchase includes one skillcape hood and one skillcape.

Upon earning their first 99, a player will unlock their first buyable skillcape; however, it will be the untrimmed version. This version is only buyable while the player has one 99, so if one desires an untrimmed version of any one skillcape, that would be the first 99 to achieve.

Upon earning their second skillcape, a player will unlock a trimmed version of that skill's skillcape, as well as converting their first 99's skillcape to a trimmed version to showcase the achievement of having more than one 99.


Wise Old Man shop


  • Wise Old Man is common destination for everyone who is doing Clue Scrolls and his anagram is NAM LOD ESIW. He also gives a challenge: "How many gnomes on the gnome ball field have red patches on their shirt?" Answer is 6.

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