Members Area? No
Amount of Banks 1
Amount of Altars 0
Points of Interest Cosmic altar
Accessibility M

Zanaris, or the Lost City, is an area you can go to after you've completed the Lost City quest. At the end of the quest, you will be automatically teleported here. After the quest, in order to access Zanaris you must visit an abandoned shack inside of Lumbridge swamp located southwest of the graveyard. You must have a dramen staff to enter the shack, otherwise a message will show up in the chatbox, 'You feel like you're forgetting something...'. If you lose your dramen staff from the quest, you can visit Entrana and cut the dramen tree for a dramen branch and craft the branch into a staff.


Zanaris is located in a very old area, hence the name Lost City, and is roamed by fairies and forest enviromental creatures.

Getting Around

Currently, due to the improper coding, there are many movement restrictions. As said, it will be very difficult or impossible to get to any new locations.



Although the cosmic altar is located in Zanaris, it is impossible to access through Zanaris, as is most of the city. The altar must be visited through the Abyss.

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