Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? No
Gender Male
Sells items? Weapons
Examine text Sells superior scimitars.

Zeke is the Melee weapon merchant, he sells a wide variety of weapons ranging from Iron to Dragon.  He is located in various cities such Varrock, and the Falador Party Room being the closest for players to reach. Players can get here by using the ::market command. He has 1,000 of each weapon in stock, but the weapons do restock up to 1000 after a while.

Due to the speed at which many players are able to train at, the most commonly sought after weapons in Zeke's shop are the 


Zeke stock


  • There used to be a Granite maul and Brackish blade available in his store; these were later removed and put in the Soulsplit Shop.
  • Zeke can be found in Thessalia's makeover store, in many major cities in Soulsplit, and at ::market.
  • Zeke is a common destination for everyone doing Clue Scrolls and his anagram is KEZE.

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